Discover the new technique of hair implant Basel

When talking about hair transplant, the two techniques, which have currently proved to be more accurate, when deciding to end baldness, are: hair grafting through the FUE technique, that is, removing hair from a donor area to transplant them, one by one, in the area where the baldness occurs and the new treatment with stem cells.


It is a procedure that consists of the auto transplantation of stem cells, taken from the adipose tissue of the patient, in order to allow the living follicles, which were no longer active, to regenerate, thanks to the supply of oxygenated plasma.

Treatment with stem cells for alopecia carried out by the hair implant Basel clinic

The stem cell intervention lasts for about an hour and the patient is taken  a small sample of fat, not exceeding 50 cc, from which the stem cells will be extracted. Once the fat has been treated, the necessary cells are obtained which are then  grafted into the areas where the follicles are weakest.

While in hair transplantation hair is grafted from a dense area to a bald area, in stem cell treatment, the cells, obtained from the patient’s fat, are grafted in order to regenerate the cells of living follicles, which have lost their activity .

It is with this method  that it is possible to regrow strong and healthy hair so that, in a short time, you can obtain a voluminous hair covering the areas where they were previously missing. If the patient had not taken care of himself,  the hair would inevitably have fallen out forever, forcing him, in this case, to have to resort to hair transplantation.

Although usually only one session is sufficient, in case of more severe baldness it is recommended to repeat the treatment every six months, to try to obtain strong and healthy hair that lasts throughout life.

Because it is a cutting-edge technique in medicine, it is minimally invasive. This treatment  is particularly suitable for those people who, despite still having some hair, these appear weaker and thinner, leaving a glimpse of bald areas.

Patients who may undergo the Hasci stem cell treatment

Young patients who are losing hair density.

Patients, diagnosed with alopecia, who want to prevent hair loss and therefore avoid a future hair transplant intervention.

Patients who have already undergone a hair graft and, having not obtained the desired results, are looking for a definitive solution to their baldness.

In short, anyone over the age of 18 – whether male or female – who has suffered from abnormal hair loss for some  time, if you want to avoid becoming bald in the near future, you can use a technique that can strengthen live follicles and regrow weaker follicles.

For more information on this and other techniques aimed at ending baldness, contact the hair implant Basel clinic and ask for further details concerning the Hasci treatment through one of the different forms of contact visiting the website. The Hasci team of experts is waiting for you!