Nothing else is as good as your favourite espresso coffee

Espresso, macchiato, American…

There are many types of coffee and countless different ways to drink it. Italians are famous not only for preferring espresso, but also for the way they order it!

At the bar the Italians order their coffee in completely different ways and linked to their personal taste: in a cup or cup, with hot or cold milk, double or small…

For this reason, Italian bartenders should be considered among the most patient people in the world.

For Italians, the coffee break is a kind of ritual in which conviviality is the main element. Around a good coffee you can exchange a few chats, spend a few minutes on yourself and relax.

It is not just a matter of ingesting a liquid, drinking coffee is first of all a pleasure: it is a drink that should be sipped and not swallowed and should be enjoyed savoring it fully.

It is for this reason that a bad coffee makes Italians in a bad mood, while a good espresso coffee brightens their day.

If you walk into a bar at any time, pay attention to what’s going on around you – we’re convinced you won’t find ten people ordering the same kind of coffee!

The espresso in Italy and its variants, seen by the company of excellence Filicori Zecchini

How many forms does an espresso coffee take? That drink symbol of Made in Italy with a long and ancient history, started in 1884 with the invention of the machine patented by Angelo Moriondo, appreciated by many in purity by others enriched with alcohol, chocolate, cream and syrups.

In recent years, light has been shed on the world of specialties, the finest coffees extracted often also in filter, but it is time to focus on the foundations of Italian culture: the many types of espresso coffee. The regional traditions, the habits of Italians at the bar, the traditions and customs most rooted in the country that has made all these rituals a true art, are enclosed in a single great espresso coffee: Filicori Zecchini, an ancient specialized company that has made the production of its own espresso coffee the true Italian art to bring to the world!